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Guest Post & Sponsored Posts

Many folks have contacted us about sponsored posts. We are very much interested in this kind of advertising and have put together a tiered pricing structure for these kinds of posts.

Sponsored Post

This kind of post will speak directly about your site (typically site content) and has at least two links (dofollow link in body of content), each to separate pages on your site. Seeing as this post will remain on the site for perpetuity, we would expect roughly a 3yr fee. At the same time, we understand that it is not a banner advertisement seen on the side every page. All the being said, a sponsored post costs only $250.

Guest Post

This kind of post does not talk about your site directly and will have a minimum of one link to your site (dofollow link to your website in Author Bio). As with the sponsored post, this type of post will remain on the site for perpetuity. That being said, this post is not a direct advertisement for your site and, as such, the fee would be cut to $150.

Please email your questions and ideas to – ronald AT nitehawk(.)net