Boker Plus Subcom Folding Pocket Knife Review

boker plus subcom
Boker BOP586-BRK Plus Subcom Black Knife
331 Reviews
Boker BOP586-BRK Plus Subcom Black Knife
  • Open Overall Length-Inch: 4. 5
  • Blade Length: 1. 875
  • Blade Edge: Partially Serrated

The Boker name evokes quality and premium artistry when mentioned in connection to knives. The brand dates back to the 1800s and has produced knives on and off until 1986 when it began production in Denver, Colorado. Currently, Boker does its construction in China, Argentina, and China.

Dubbed the “biscuit,” the Subcom F is the first knife in the subcom chain of blades. Its distinctive design, small size, and shape allow the knife to be carried easily and be used even as a money clip. Its popularity has spawned a variation of blades including rescue versions fixed blade versions, and some other blade profiles and finishes.

The designer is known as Chad Los Banos and is from Hawaii. He works as a corrections officer. The Boker Subcom Plus is one of his designs to make it to full production. It has been and still continues to be a very successful invention.

So what is so good about this knife?

  1. The Subcom Plus collapsible knife has a municipal-friendly cutting edge and is 1/16″ thick and 1 7/8″ long
  2. The black glazed partly serrated blade is manufactured using AUS-8 stainless steel and vaunts an ambidextrous thumb stud.
  3. The adjustable pocket clip and compacted size of this frame lock knife are excellent and make an awesome money clip.
  4. Both the thumb and palm index ramps offer a secure grip.
  5. The gray handle is fiberglass reinforced nylon.
  6. Lightweight, only 2.5 oz.
  7. Overall length: 4 1/2.”
  8. This model has tru-touch soft-feel technical coating
  9. The Accu-Strike is engineered for performance.


The Subcom Plus is the ideal everyday use knife. [EDC] it can be utilized for:

  • Defense

How it locks in the hand makes it perfect for slashing, and it would not be easy to disarm or drop in a fight.

  • Hiking

The Serrated edge is very sharp and can cut through vines and small branches.

  • Camping

You can use it in cookery and cut up some of the ingredients that you may want to use such as cherry tomatoes.



[mk_custom_list style=”e651″ icon_color=”#81d742″]Here are some of the most distinguished benefits of the Boker Subcom Plus Folding Pocket Knife:

  • It is Legal to carry almost everywhere
  • It Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • This knife is good value for money. The price is equivalent to the workmanship and materials used to craft it.
  • The knife is Incredibly lightweight, and you will hardly feel it in your pocket or bag
  • The handle has sufficient grip
  • The knife comes razor sharp from the seller
  • The knife’s design is Robust and sturdy.
  • The blade opens easily and locks tightly
  • The knife is small, stylish and sexy
  • Its design incorporates a lanyard hole which is useful when carrying it in a bag or pocket.
  • The blade is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is acknowledged for its durability and
  • The knife’s open design makes it easy to clean.



[mk_custom_list style=”e20c”]Having talked about all the advantages, what are the Boker Subcom Plus Folding Pocket Knife’s cons?

  • The finish rubs off too quick and easy in a very short period of time. It will look like you have had it for years in a couple of weeks.
  • The knife is made in China. Many people associate products manufactured there with low quality.
  • The tip is too stout and is not designed for penetration.
  • Subcom comes with thumb studs that look lovely and permit decent weight. However, these thumb studs are made of plastic and can break if you put on considerable pressure on them.


In conclusion, this knife is top notch in quality and crafting. The manufacturers have been in the business of making knives for hundreds of years and are known as a brand that espouses quality and excellence.

The numerous reviews about the Boker Subcom Pocket Knife also speak volumes about the product. This is a fantastic knife and you are assured that your hard earned money will be well spent in its acquisition.


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