Elzetta ZSM-T Flashlight Mount for Tactical Shotgun Review

Elzetta ZSM-T Flashlight Mount for Tactical Shotgun

This rugged lightweight mount is perfect for when you want to shoot in the dark. The feel of the mount is quite nice and is perfect for the simple man who doesn’t want to deal with pressure activated switches and picatinny rails. This means mount is stationary and is the flashlight you are using is activated manually.

This is best used on a 12 gauge shotgun though it does with an adapter for a 20-guage and .410 shotguns (a spacer is included for a .410 shotgun but not a 20-gauge shotgun). The ring also features a sizing adapter which will allow the mounting of any flashlight in between 0.70 and 1.05 inches in diameter.


The light is placed on the outside of the mount instead of the inside. This makes the mount suitable for home defence as it almost completely eliminates shadowing, especially if your magazine tube is shorter than the barrel of the shotgun. Shadowing still occurs at only the widest beams of the flashlight which is inevitable.

This is a very nice looking mount, it looks sleek, has a lower profile than most outside mounts and the rails don’t completely encapsulate your tactical flashlight.

Lightweight, without the flashlight mounted I could not feel the difference in weight when holding my shotgun with and without the mount.

Sturdy, this mount is built to last, it has 5 removable screws and bolts that need to be attached when installing but, this though made of plastic, is the piece of equipment I would like to have on me when I’m in a bind.

Easy access to your light on a semi-automatic or pump action shotgun. Your arm is that is on the front side of the shotgun just needs to extend its thumb on a back operated flashlight. Particularly useful for flashlights that have multiple settings (SOS, flashing modes etc…)


This model features only a thumb screw to keep your flashlight labeled while this might be fine for a shooter needing to remove and mount their flashlight out in the field some shooters may prefer to have a more permanent solution attached to the end of the barrel. Elzetta also features one without a thumbscrew but that model still has 5 small screws that can go missing easily when not mounted.

Your shotgun may not fit in its case because the mount increases the width by 1.5 inches. Personally I never take my flashlight mount off of my shotgun but I still would have liked to store it in its case. Though is the case with any outside mounted flashlight mount.

The finishing job could be better including how they moulded the product, on some of them the edges are a bit jagged and that smooth finish we come to expect from our tactical accessories isn’t there. This is nothing that can’t be fixed with some shears and possibly if you shear to far a sharpie.

For us everyday carry types where the flashlight is a little thicker than one inch the mount is a little too snug and in some cases doesn’t fit at all. This is best for tactical flashlights.


Here are what some people on Amazon.com where the Elzetta ZSM-T Flashlight Mount is available think about it.

[mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]Works great on my Remington 870 Tactical with 18″ barrel, and 1″ diameter tactical light. The flashlight mount is very easy to install, although I’m not exactly sure it is worth paying extra for the thumb screw option, as I don’t plan to switch out flashlights that often. If you are just going to put a light on and leave it, I would suggest buying the regular mount, and saving a few dollars. Mine is set up exactly how I had planned, with the flashlight button right at the end of my forend handguard. When I aim the shotgun, I do not have to move my left hand off the handguard to engage the light, and I can easily pump the shotgun to reload without any interference. Very nice product. – Mr. Joneson June 23, 2016. Verified Purchase[/mk_blockquote]

[mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]

I was very pleased with my purchase. The mount was easy to install with the allen wrench provided and added a little something extra to my 870 tactical. I was glad I spent the little bit extra for the quick release because I have a stream-light strion rechargeable flash light I have to remove to recharge. I also liked the adjustability of the Elzetta mount. It allowed me to bring the flashlight up near the end of the barrel to reduce any shadow that might otherwise occur. I also loved the stream light strion, the extra lumens are definitely worth the price, and I didn’t mind the little bit extra weight, although I do prefer a little extra weight at the business end of the gun. When your life depends on it, buy the best. Heck, if you can afford it buy the best anyway. – Badluck Bobon January 17, 2014. Verified Purchase



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