MGear Kydex Wallets With Money Clip and Multitool

mgear multiwallet tactical wallet

Reducing the need to carry wallets and keep you prepared.

The MGear Kydex Wallets with a money clip and multitool are some of the most versatile wallet replacements that you can possibly invest in. These wallets are designed from extremely durable Kydex and this does make them stand out above the average combat or versatile wallets.

From time to time, you might find yourself without a jacket and it is not always the most comfortable way to carry a wallet if you place it inside your pants. These Kydex wallets with money clips are designed to minimize the hassles and allow you to carry along all of the most important cards as well as cash when you are heading out for the night.

In this article, we will look a little deeper at the design and how functional these wallets really are. We will also look at a few of the additional options that you could choose to ensure that you do get the perfect MGear Tactical wallet that meets your needs.


Since these wallets do stand out from the rest wallets and they are really popular. We have looked at some of the top features that set them apart. Here are the main features that you will have when buying one of these wallets.

  • The wallets are extremely durable and they are made from Kydex. This is a military grade plastic that ensures they last for a couple of years
  • An effective multi-tool has also been included and this will make the wallets that much more functional. If you ever need to fix something small, these wallets will give you the needed versatility.
  • The wallets are also designed to hold up to 5 cards and this should keep the cards from ever getting lost. If you feel you need more cards, the expansion kit can be bought to extend them to 8 cards capacity.
  • The wallet is also small and compact and this means that it can easily fit inside your jacket pocket. If you hate carrying around wallets, these will certainly make life easier.
  • While the design is not something that everybody will look at, this wallet is available in multiple designs. The designs all look really good and will be an asset to your clothing.
  • A money clip is also included and this is a great way to keep your cash safe and know exactly where it is. Often times we lose it in our pockets, but the clip will keep them where you need them.

5 Custom MGear Kydex wallets worth buying:

This wallet is available in five different styles and each style will be made from the same quality materials and also include all of the above-mentioned features. Here is a look at all the features and for whom we would recommend each.

MultiWallet. Holstex Tactical Wallet Carbon Fiber Texture

The carbon fiber design is really well designed and you can have any design on that you like. This texture is a little bit different than the normal Kydex, but the Kydex still ensure that you have some great durability and flexibility. This carbon fiber textured design is really classy and will definitely be recommended for the those looking to have a wallet substitute but keep the class.

MultiWallet Highlander Edition. Kydex Tactical Wallet With Money Clip and Multitool

This version is one of the premium MGear Kydex versions and it features a premium cut Kryptek Highlander Kydex texture. Since all of these wallets are handmade, it should come as no surprise that the added effort that goes into the design does make it a little more expensive. As an outdoor enthusiast, you might get a liking into this version and the way I compliment the outdoor look.

MultiWallet 2 Ninja Edition. Holstex Tactical Wallet Carbon Fiber Texture. Multi-tool and money clip.

The Ninja edition is also carbon fiber textured and features a darker look than the others. This multi wallet is the same as the others, but it does have one drawback. The wallet is kept together by stainless steel screws and not titanium. This should not make any real difference if you look after the wallet, but it is a key difference. The Ninja edition will be perfect for use at night or for the outdoors.

MultiWallet Typhoon Edition. Kydex Tactical Wallet With Money Clip and Multi-tool

The Typhoon edition is another great edition and it is made from precision cut Typhoon Kryptek Kydex. As with the Highlander edition, this edition is also a little more expensive and will look really great with most outfits. The screws are also made from aircraft grade material, which ensures great durability. This edition is highly recommended.

Multiwallet Desert Eagle Edition.

The Dessert Eagle Edition is a lighter, but still stylish version and it is certainly one of our favorite versions of this wallet. This wallet still incorporates all the top features that one could expect in these wallets and will look good with almost any style. The wallet will even look good in the outdoors and when you are backpacking through the city.


MGear Kydex wallets are a really great investment for those who are serious about buying quality and getting great value for their money. These custom designs are great for those looking for a specific style and they will last you multiple years. We would, however, suggest that you do not overfill the card slot as this will eventually damage the Kydex and reduce the elasticity.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like you to drop us a comment in the comment section to tell us if you have any experience with these wallets and if you will like to have one.


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