MTM Hypertec Chrono 2 Watch Review

Hypertec Chrono 2 watch

Most men have at least one vice. For some, it’s tools. For others, it may be accessories. For me, it’s watches. You see, right out of high school I worked for (and become a manager of) a watch store. Yes, as glamorous as the retail industry is it gave me a deep appreciation for watches and the skill, quality, and standards that go into each one.

Unboxing the Watch

mtm hypertec chrono 2 watch in a box

MTM has been relatively new to the watch world (pun!). MTM stands for Multi Time Machine Inc. but has lead the way in several watch innovations, especially for military-style watches. They paved the way for Electromagnetic Induction Charging, which in layman’s terms means the battery will hardly ever need to be replaced and can be fully charged on a small stand. Yes, Citizen has their Eco-Drive and other companies promote solar charging for their watches but MTM’s system still seems a bit of a mystery. Despite this mystery, they hold a charge very well.

MTM used to be a supplier of watches to Special Forces operators first, before coming to the public market. Their watches have very strict requirements which translated into the civilian world with extremely high quality and manufacturing standards. This is easily seen on even their baseline models.

We had the pleasure to look at, and explore the Hypertec Chrono 2. From first glance, it comes out as a strong piece of machinery and intimidating display. We prepared ourselves to take good care of this watch and quickly decided it was best to truly use the watch as it was intended.

Each of their watches comes packaged in a large, plastic box much like an ammo can. Once the watch is removed, it can easily hold a few boxes of small arms ammunition or that girly .380 ACP you’re ashamed to admit you own.

MTM Hypertec Chrono 2 Specifications:

  • Case Material: Solid 413L Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 44mm Diameter x 12mm Thick
  • Movement: Swiss quartz chronograph movement with super luminous hands
  • Dial Material: Brass
  • Water Resistance: 660 feet/ 200 Meters with locking cap
  • Finishes Available: Brushed stainless of black DLC finish
  • Crystal Material: Anti-reflective, scratch resistant tempered glass
  • Battery lifespan: Estimated 3 years
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $350 Estimated MSRP (discounts are offered)
Hypertec Chrono 2 watch in the box

Here’s the nitty-gritty. The Chrono 2 has Japanese Chronograph Quartz movement housed inside a 44mm Stainless Steel Case. There are over 30 band options with multitudes of colors and materials. The dial is protected by scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, tempered glass. It claims to be 200m water resistant and a battery life of up to 3 years to match its 3-year warranty.

We took the watch out and quickly put it on. Our Chrono 2 came with a black, velcro band with a wide range of adjustment. If we had to choose again, however, we would opt against a velcro band. It was fairly difficult to put on and take off, didn’t dress up well, and constantly caught itself on long sleeve shirts.

This is not the kind of band you would wear to a wedding but rather on a hiking trip. The other downside of the velcro band is that it sits completely under the watch itself. It can easily be considered a safety risk on a Navy vessel, where is could catch on a ladder.

While we were a bit concerned about a glass face, compared to Sapphire, it held up incredibly well. No worse for the wear after some very hard use and camping trips. We wore the watch during our Novice-to-Novice AR15 Lower build and the aluminum shavings just brushed off leaving no scratch. The Anti-Reflective coating did seem a bit greasy and left a significant amount of fingerprints on the outside but is to be expected of any watch.

MTM really did a great job of manufacturing a tough, rugged case. 44mm wide and 13.5 mm thick, it stands out against anyone’s wrist. At 4.7 oz it’s also going to increase some bicep strength. As nice as the casing is we had continual problems with the edge. Each edge seemed to be cut straight and came out of a CNC machine, so they were very sharp.

We ripped 3 shirts just trying to pull them over the watch because of the sharp edges. We weren’t too happy with this part of the watch and hope MTM will make some finish changes in the future.

Wearing my MTM Hypertec Chrono 2 watch

The Best Part

The best part of the Hypertec Chrono 2 watch is the customizability. Each consumer can choose from a  variety of faces, bands, cases, knobs, finishes, and colors. The possibilities are endless and there is sure to be a style that will fit every operator, survivalist, or watch enthusiast.

The 3-year battery is not a drawback but means the watch will continue to keep time and date when not wearing it, for an extended period of time. It does not include MTM’s standard or optional Electromagnetic Induction Charging like other models, but that helps to keep the pricing relatively low.

To us, the largest downside was the illuminated hands. Citizen has easily made one of the best illuminating hands we’ve come across and MTM couldn’t hold a candle to it (puns!). We weren’t impressed by the illuminated hands yet they do exactly as they have been advertised. Sitting next to a roaring fire the hands were barely visible.

MTM Hypertec Crono watch on my wrist over fire

Overall, this is a great watch. Starting at $375 they are one of the most affordable of MTM products and a great entry into high-quality watches. They are no Fossil and will continue to run long after a Fossil has broken. There is no low or mid range price alternative that can compete with MTM Chrono 2.

They are built from military grade predecessors and will continue to produce military grade successors. We could think of a few enhancements that could really push this watch to our greatest expectation and yet, with the understanding of its limits or design, keeping these possible shortcomings in mind we are able to turn those slight negatives into multi-function positives.

The Good
  • Strong Design
  • Larger Face
  • Illuminated Hands
  • Large Knobs
  • Heavy
The Bad
  • Sharp Edges
  • Low Illumination with Ambient Light
  • Velcro Band Feels Unsafe and Hard to Remove
  • Difficult to Wear at Gym When Changing
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