Why You Need a Military Grade Tactical Flashlight

every day carry with gun knife and military grade flashlight

When something unexpected happens, it can never be stressed enough that luck favors the prepared. A flashlight can be used to create safety and improve accuracy when it comes to being outdoors, and they’re extremely handy in a variety of situations. We’ll tell you more about the benefits and the types of people who could use a military grade tactical flashlight for the ultimate in protection — you might be surprised at what a tactical light can do for anyone who wants to ready for the worst.

Military Flashlight Benefits

A professional flashlight doesn’t mess around about any of its features. With 1000 high-powered lumens, it can give serious coverage to even large areas like an expanding meadow or windowless basement. The military grade aluminum means that it’s an investment that will last you for many years, and one that will undoubtedly get use when there’s a power outage, a strange bump in the night, or even a solo walk through a parking lot. It has an LED light which is so bright it can blind criminals, and 5 operating modes that can seriously disorient all kinds of wrongdoers.

The strobe light and SOS signals can either cause an attacker to shield his or her eyes or send a message that someone is in trouble and needs help. But that’s not the only thing it can do.


Whether you’re a volunteer on nights and weekends or it’s your full-time profession, flashlights cast light in the darkest corners. Even in the most spectacular blaze, there are always areas in a large burning house or open forest that remain in shadow, and blind spots create safety risks for both the professionals and the potential victims. Fireman are already faced with making some of the most difficult decisions on the planet and need all the help they can get.

Our flashlight can be used as a floodlight and may just be what a fireman needs to get a better overall view of what’s really happening in a fire — especially when every second counts.


Catching fish is exciting, and part of that excitement is because the events happening just below the surface are a bit of a mystery. When you want to learn more about the depths below, you can use a tactical light to glean more about the patterns and habits of the fish you want to entice into your boat. Our flashlights hold up in adverse weather conditions and bumpy boat rides. Whether you fish for fun or you depend on it as a sustainable food source, this is a way to watch how they swim, feed and interact with your bait.

Security Guard or Police Officer

In any kind of law enforcement, there’s a lot of petty crime. Amateur thieves may have only a vague plan of what they want to do and how they want to get it done, or sometimes a police officer or guard is just dealing with kids with too much time on their hands. A tactical flashlight is a good way to throw your potential culprits off track, and apprehend them so they don’t come back. The more people you catch, the more likely it is that you’ll see fewer attempts on your territory.

The strobe light effect on a military grade tactical flashlight can shock someone just enough for you to gain control in a situation. It can even be used in more serious situations, as the viewing range can give you a better way to assess the situation and plan your next moves. Keep one in the car or in a pocket at all times, and use the various settings to call for back-up to nearby partners.

General Outdoorsman

Hunting, hiking, camping and exploring are all activities that enrich us as human beings and center us to the Earth. However, it also can make for some dangerous situations too. As much as you may want to just know by instinct where to go and what to do in the outdoors, it’s simply not possible to know every patch of land in pitch black. When you find yourself in a situation that requires more power than a standard flashlight, you’ll be glad you have a better means to shed some light on what’s happening in the woods.

If you spend whole seasons in a cabin, you’ll especially need something that’s durable enough to stand up to heavy-duty use. Hunters will love the floodlight option for surveying the land and the straight beam for when they’ve zeroed in on the animal.


The world can be an interesting place sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for anything that might occur. When people become so dependent on technology and creature comforts, it makes for very chaotic times if a major event was to occur. Since you can’t predict the future, it’s a smart to have all your ducks in a row and ensure you’ll always have your necessities around when you need them the most. When you’re trained in the art of survival, a flashlight can be an invaluable addition to your arsenal of tools. A flashlight is a truly necessary addition to your kit, and you should have the best of the best for an emergency.


Nitehawk was made for everyone. Our company started as means to give people a high-quality tactical flashlight that they can actually afford. The new tactical technology has made its way into flashlights for good reason — it actually works. This is professional-level planning at its best, and no one can afford to be without one. Homeowners have used these powerful flashlights to scare off cat burglars, and college students have used them to distract predators when walking home from a party. Drivers can pull one out of their trunk along with the spare tire on deserted roads with no streetlights and bikers can feel like they have some means to be seen if need be.

For people who do the specific activities mentioned above, they’ll recognize the value of the military grade tactical flashlight immediately and use it constantly. The average homeowner who wants to keep it in their nightstand in case of emergency can find just as much value in this incredible product. Having more than one in different places in your house, car, cabin or in a pocket or purse can mean that you feel ready for whatever is ahead of you. No matter who you are, there are an infinite amount of situations where you could use a military flashlight.


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