Tactical flashlights – Is Rechargeable Worth It?

Tactical flashlight in a box with rechargeable batteries

Are rechargeable tactical flashlights worth the price? The answer to that question is both yes, and no. A couple of factors come into play when you weigh the cost of an item versus its value. One of those factors is the overall price of the item. Another is the ongoing cost of using it. When it comes to rechargeable tactical flashlights the ongoing cost is important because the burden of buying batteries for a non-rechargeable unit is insane.

Consider the Way You Use a Tactical Flashlight

Outdoor living enthusiasts, security personnel, law enforcement, and military personnel buy tactical flashlights because they offer superior illumination, selected beam focus, and are heavy duty. So isn’t the very way that a tool functions part of how you define its value? Part of the value of a good tool is that it is versatile. There is a rechargeable flashlight that offers 1000 lumens and the versatility of a range of lighting options. Good tools are a good investment, but with today’s technology, you don’t a huge investment to afford a 1000 lumen flashlight.

The Current Market for Tactical Flashlights

The current market for tactical flashlights offers a wide range of products with an equally wide range of prices. Many rechargeable tactical flashlights are in $75 plus range and some of the top brands exceeding the $200 mark. The rechargeable feature adds tremendous value but not if you are spending $200 for a unit. High quality and less expensive models offer the same reliability, durability, and an increase in value for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that some models utilize LED technology so you get more light for less power. That means no more rationing power. Use your light whenever you need to. A tool should be accessible when you need it, that is why you carry it. It should not limit your performance because it has a poor energy consumption rate.

Non-rechargeable versus Rechargeable

With a non-rechargeable battery, you are limited to its energy life. That means for multiple days in the field you need to carry with you a stack of batteries. Do you have room for all of those extra batteries? Is that how you want to spend your hard earned money — buying batteries? The real question here is can you afford that level of inefficiency? The answer likely no. Especially when you can get the brightest rechargeable flashlight at an affordable price. There are quality rechargeable tactical flashlights that come with the batteries, charge and even a storage case. If you shop wisely you can find them in the $60 range. With prices that low, there is no reason to ever own a non-rechargeable unit — Especially when it will likely pay for itself in the first year of use.

Is Rechargeable Worth It?

Not only are you not spending all your money on batteries, you have the capacity to recharge your tactical flashlight between uses. We are not talking about rechargeable batteries, we are talking about rechargeable units. There is no need to carry extra batteries. That endless supply of light is a value added option. With the Nitehawk rechargeable tactical flashlight, there is even more value. Additional value is found in the maximum output of light in the 1000 lumen range. So you get the brightest rechargeable flashlight at an affordable price and with a very low ongoing cost of operation. Plus, in the Nitehawk tactical flashlight, the batteries are rechargeable for 800 cycles before they need replacing. That is a lot of saved battery expense.

Rechargeable Unit versus Rechargeable Batteries

The argument here is about cost and value. To get the brightest rechargeable flashlight means that you need a reliable source of power. Something that holds more charge than standard batteries. That is why the lithium Ion batteries are an important consideration when choosing a rechargeable tactical flashlight. It is true that with rechargeable batteries you save some of the expense that you would normally spend on traditional batteries. However, you still have not overcome the limited amount of power that a rechargeable AA battery holds.

With the Lithium Ion battery, you gain greater amounts of energy, which allows you to utilize your flashlight for longer periods of time. That is an important consideration when you consider that a tactical flashlight is a tool that is most likely going to find use in a critical situation. This is why they are purchased by law enforcement, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts. If you are going camping and you just need a flashlight to find the outhouse, that’s one thing. If you are 50 miles from civilization on foot and a northwestern storm is rolling in you need to move. That means hours of usage under poor conditions. That is another reason why a 1000 lumen flashlight is a tool.

No matter how you stack it, rechargeable flashlights are worth the cost. The real question is how do you find the best value in a market that has a lot of great torches.


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